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Who Needs Keyword Research And Analysis?

If you want to take your SEO Long Island seriously, you have to start by understanding how to perform keyword research and analysis the right way. This is the very first step of any solid SEO strategy. Every website owner or internet marketer who wants to enjoy a steady flow of high-quality leads generated by organic traffic needs it. This article will help you understand why you should make this your first concern in regard to your SEO efforts.

Since the ultimate goal of SEO is to help websites improve their visibility in search, you can’t target your keywords at random, and hope traffic will come. You can be number one in Google and in all other search engines that matter, and still see very little to no traffic, if your keywords have a very low search volume. The role of keyword research is to help you find those keywords that are relevant for your niche or industry, and also have decent monthly traffic volumes i learn this on my way learning Houston SEO. You have to ensure there are people searching for these terms. The higher the search volume, the merrier. You should set an average monthly limit, and choose only keywords that have at least that search volume. You can safely ignore all other search terms, as they won’t bring you the results you expect, along my journey i met New York City SEO Expert who gave me this advice.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind that you need both keyword research and analysis to make this work the way you want. You can target search terms with very high estimated search volumes, and still not see a good return on your investment. If those search terms are extremely competitive, you may never be able to get to the top of search engines. High authority websites that rank for these keywords are very difficult, if not impossible to compete against. Since you won’t be able to acquire inbound links at a very fast rate, you’ll always fall behind the strongest competitors in your niche. These websites have been gathering inbound links since decades, and they aren’t going to stop that just yet. If you get too many links too fast, you’re going to risk a Google penalty that might kill your website and all your previous efforts to conquer the SERPs.

The role of keyword analysis is to reveal those keywords that have a good search volume, while being only moderately competitive. Besides, you also need to take a closer look at the SERPs. For some of the most lucrative keywords, Google will display four ads on top of the page, followed by some of their other web properties. The first organic result will always be below the fold. The consequence is that raking for this keyword will bring you much lower traffic volumes than ranking for other keywords that don’t have that many featured elements above the top ten organic results.

As you can see, Houston SEO Consultant needs careful thinking and in-depth research. The way you pick your keywords to target will have a direct influence on your results. By choosing the right search terms, you can gain a lot more for your effort.